Subject: Re: X11 servers
To: Michael Wolfson <>
From: Zadok <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/05/1997 08:34:20
On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Michael Wolfson wrote:

> I just spent some time this weekend playing with various X servers for
> NetBSD, and I've got a few questions and several observations.
oh dear... that happens sometimes to NetBSD/hp300 people and is perfectly
natural :-)

> repeatably crashes the XhpBSD server). Therefore, I dug out my HPUX tapes
> [shudder] to get the X11R5 server from HPUX 9.0. 
does this thing support the VRX series of graphics devices ?
> So, here are the servers I played with:
> XhpBSD		from the standerd X11R5 distribution on
> XhpBSD030	from (doesn't crash as much)
glad to hear this, I just took the standard X11R5 distribution and took
the *BSD patch from utah I think, applied it , compiled and got pretty
much the same thing as the server from the Netbsd distribution,
so I tried to track down the problem, found that a function called
FillRectngleStippled ( or so, my HP is dead in the moment, can't check it 
) in the topcat/catseye driver directory sometimes gets NULL pointers and 
dereferences them what causes the crash. so I simply checked this up and
now it crashes not soooo often but some graphics operations ( look at the
xview clock ) are done wrong.

> XhpBSD, XhpBSD-multi-headed, and XhpBSD030 are all the same speed.
hmmm, XhpBSD030 should be 68030 optimized and therefore slightly faster on
a 400 ?!

> Now for the interesting results:  The HPUX X server is notably faster on
> most functions that the XhpBSD derived servers, but there are a few that
> are a lot slower.  The HPUX X server is around 1.5x - 2x faster for most,
> upwards of 40x faster for things like stippled rectanges.  For others
> things, it's as much as 40x slower for copy operations.  
could you put the binaries somewhere where I could fetch them via ftp ? I
don't think that hp still bothers about hp300 software... 
> I've also been able to get my 46087A HIL graphics tablet to work happily
> with my 46060B HIL mouse under NetBSD with the HPUX X server, despite
> failures to do so under the BSD servers.
on elba you'll find another X server ( XhpBSD.44 ) which runs a lot more
stable than the others but doesn't have MIT-SHM...
> As a backup option, does anyone know how I could get a multi-headed
> version of the XhpBSD030 server?  And lastly, is there any word from the
> X11R6 team?
simply take X11R5 from, fetch the patch for 4.4BSD/hp300 from
somewhere, apply it and look at the sources...
it took ages to compile on my 345 :-(

Eat your enemies !