Subject: Re: X11 servers
To: None <>
From: Mike Hibler <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/04/1997 16:16:37
> Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 17:38:49 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Michael Wolfson <>
> To:
> Subject: X11 servers
> ...
> Not only does the A1416A graphics board have the same resolution and sync
> rate as the 98550A, but they are also the same performance (even under the
> HPUX X server).  I'm pretty convinced they're the same thing (especially
> since all the chips are in the same place and look pretty much the same).

Yes they are the same card.  I think the former is the 400 series name and
the latter is the 300 series name.

> ...
> I also have been unable to get xdm (from the X11R5 BSD package) to run
> with the HPUX X server -- it starts X, doesn't open the login dialog, then
> crashes after about a minute saying:  
> error (pid 8531): server open failed for :0, giving up 
> error (pid 8529): Display :0 cannot be opened

Oh, I forgot to mention this.  The HP server creates its unix domain socket
in a different place than the standard X server.  So local BSD clients can't
talk to the server without a hack.  /usr/spool/sockets/X11 is where the HP-UX
X server wants to put it vs. /tmp/.X11-unix for BSD.  So we just have a
little wrapper program for the server that effectively:

	mkdir /tmp/.X11-unix
	ln -s /usr/spool/sockets/X11/X0 X0
	exec real-x-server

For the HP-UX server, you might also go out to the HP patch database and
pick up the last patched version of the X server.  PHSS_6773 is the last
one I had.