Subject: Re:Installation error
To: None <>
From: f.baur <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/25/1997 21:35:28
> I wonder what error is this when I try to put the miniroot from a NFS-
> source?
> Short read, errno = 60

When installing my system, I had the same problems (additionally 
a "xmit error" appeared). NFS-installation at weekend or night didn't
solve the problem. My solution: get your HP directly connected
to a NFS-server (if there's none, it's an easy way to set one up
on any UNIX-like-machine with you have access to).
First place your minirootxx.gz and other software you'd like to install
on the server (via ftp). Then connect HP and server (simple BNC-cable
shunted with 50 Ohm resistors on each side is all you need) and 
start installation. Installing the miniroot will take about 20 minutes,
any way it works much faster than on a wide LAN or internet-NFS, so
it's worth spending a few minutes  searching for a cable and building 
up a NFS.