Subject: Re: Binary snapshot available
To: Wayne Crosbie <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/20/1997 09:05:57
On 20 Mar 1997 07:20 EST 
 "Wayne Crosbie" <> wrote:

 > Will HP-UX binaries still run?

They should, yes, but I had to fix a few bugs in the HP-UX emulation
code to make it continue to work :-)   Make sure you're Really Current.
(I noticed the HP-UX bugs after I released the snapshot.)

 > Do I have to compile all my programs again to generate new objects?

If you have .o files sitting around, yes, you must recompile them.
If you have your own static libraries around, you must recompile them,
as well.  If demand is high enough, I may look at making the linker deal
with useing m68k4k objects in m68k8k executables (actually, I may do
that anyhow; such a modification should be trivial, seeing as how the
run-time linker can do it :-)

 > Can I run objects from other platforms (like the Amiga port)?

Yes.  (That really was the whole point of switching :-)

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