Subject: Re: Screens & Cards
To: Nathan Gelbard <gelbard@ENGR.ORST.EDU>
From: Andreas Brusinsky <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/18/1997 12:12:14
98751A is a 1024x768 60 Hz fixed frequency
98789A is a 1280x1024 60 Hz fixed frequency

98547A is a 1024x786 64 Colors Topcat framebuffer
98550A is a 1280x1024 256 Colors Catseye framebuffer

The monitors can be used on any hardware that can deliver
RGB, HSync, VSync and the appropriate resolution and frequency.

Look at where the HP300 hardware FAQ

        Bye   Brusi



On Mon, 17 Mar 1997, Nathan Gelbard wrote:

> I've got a buttload of 21" 98751A & 17" 98789A monitors.
> I've got 98550A & 98547A video cards (and some 14xxx)
> Will they work together? Is there are hardware FAQ
> saying what freq the montiors and video cards run at?
> Nate