Subject: Re: old hpbsd sources
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Andreas Brusinsky <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/17/1997 18:05:55
Yes you are right

 cfbmskbits.h:#define PPW        (PGSZ/PSZ)
 * PSZ      pixel size (in bits)

It is recommended to add to the compile command something like '-DPSZ=8'.
I hope it does not produce overhead if I add it to the CCFLAGS
in the cfb directory.

in dl.h:
#ifdef hp9000s300
  typedef struct dynamic *shl_t;

in  x_serialdrv.h:
 typedef struct _SerialProcs
    char                *x_name;        /* filled in by driver          */
    ConfigureProc       configure;      /* filled in by driver          */
    ReadProc            read;           /* filled in by driver          */
    WriteProc           write;          /* filled in by driver          */
    CloseProc           close;          /* filled in by driver          */
 #ifndef hp9000
    shl_t               ldr_module_id;  /* filled in by X server        */
    int                 fd;             /* filled in by X server        */
    char                driver_name[MAX_NM];/* filled in by X server    */
    } SerialProcs;

Thanks for help.
Probably I should do it more like der Mouse says.

        Bye   Brusi