Subject: old hpbsd sources
To: port hp300 <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Andreas Brusinsky <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/17/1997 16:53:44
I have atempted to integrate the old hpbsd source tree into
a X11R6 one, dissolved(maybe by introducing wrong overlaps)
nearly all of the include dependencies and adapted the
symbolic links to the cfb and mfb directories.

The files that aren't there any longer in the system
are 'dl.h'(dynamic loader for hp300 from HPUX) and 'termio.h'.
I believe that the difference of termio.h and termios.h is not
too big and therefore the include <termio.h> can be changed
to termios.h.

I wanted to trick out the build just by copying the dl.h file into
the hpbsd/include directory, to see how far the 'make' comes.

I can do a 'make Makefiles','make includes' and 'make depend'.

Now there are errors in every subdirectory but at least some files can be 
build. libhpbsd.a can be build, if it is working is another question.

In the hpbsd/mfb/mfb.h file several DoBitblt functions are missing.
(they are diefined in Xserver/mfb/mfb.h but how knows if they will work
with the hpbsd/mfb)

The errors in cfb seem to me rather strange:

 In file included from cfbrrop.c:36:
 cfbmskbits.h:132: division by zero in #if

 but in cfbmskbits.h
 130: /*  set PWSH = log2(PPW) using brute force */
 132: #if PPW == 1       !! what can here produce a division by zero?
 133: #define PWSH 0

In the topcat directory the cfb errors come up again.

Because I have integrated dl.h, I can not understand why
this error comes up in the input directory:
 In file included from x_threebut.c:60:
 x_serialdrv.h:97: syntax error before `shl_t'
 *** Error code 1

Maybe someone of the hp300 group can evaluate if I can come closer to a
XhpBSD server for the hp300 with this kind of behaviour. 
Yea, the server has to be rewritten, but where to start?
What can be integrated from the old server?
What has to be replaced?
A dirty server should be possible quite quick, but how?
There has been work done on the topcat interface of NetBSD, but how should
this be integrated into the new X server?.

Can someone answer at least some of these questions?

Or tell me something like: "Please stop your ineffective approach.
			    We cant help you with such a lack of understanding.
			    -> Start with reading this or that.
		            -> Then attempt to do this or that.
			       If you can do this contact us later."

Thanks for reading this.

        Bye   Brusi