Subject: Mount cd/extra HD's..
To: <>
From: Kevin Currie <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/15/1997 14:38:59
	Ok, now I'm able to recompile my kernel but I've run across some
other problems.
	First off I've got a SCSI disk (ID 5) that I boot from.  If I plug
in a Sun CDROM drive (Sony) and try to boot it will hang on the "System
Search" until I power cycle the cdrom drive.  Then it will boot ok but I
have (so far) been unable to mount the cd.  I recently tried to plug an
extra SCSI disk in as well but it would always take this disk as the
"root" disk and hang.  For the CDROM I've tried making the SCSI id both
higher and lower than 5 and the result seems to be the same... it doesn't
matter if there is a CD in the drive or not..
	what would a proper fstab entry for a cdrom be?

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