Subject: Oveclocking a 425 (was Re: Max serial port speed on 425?)
To: Kevin Currie <>
From: michael smith <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/15/1997 16:07:12
Just following through on this...

michael smith wrote:
> (*)  To answer my earlier question about overclocking a 425;
> the addition of a 66MHz crystal and a fan blowing on the
> CPU appears to have done the trick.  Without the fan the CPU
> is untouchable after only a few minutes.

I've had some problems trying to build a -current kernel 
running under the netbsd-gen kernel from the 970105
snapshot, and in fact lately getting the system to boot at
all.  Initially I thought this was symptoms of the CPU overheating,
but it persisted even after returning to 25MHz.  Further
investigation seems to indicate that it has something to do
with NFS (the system is diskless); if I boot single-user I
can build kernels to my heart's content, but going multiuser
dies around the quotacheck.  

If this is a new one, I'll investigate more, but at least 
initially I suspect that it's a local problem, and not related
to overclocking.  Extended use at 33MHz is going to require a
bigger heatsink and better greasing than the pathetic arrangement
that's standard. 8)
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