Subject: Re: Max serial port speed on 425?
To: Kevin Currie <>
From: michael smith <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/15/1997 00:33:50
Kevin Currie wrote:
>         What is it?  I thought I had read soemwhere that the 425`s hw was
> able to do 460K-- this can't be right is it? (Please say yes!)

It's a 16550 (I have the top off mine at the moment*), but the clock
source is unclear (probably derived from the ISA clock?).  Going by 
the dcareg header :

 * 16 bit baud rate divisor (lower byte in dca_data, upper in dca_ier)
 * NB: This constant is for a 7.3728 clock frequency. The 300 clock
 *     frequency is 2.4576, giving a constant of 153600.
#ifdef hp300
#define DCABRD(x)       (153600 / (x))
#ifdef hp700
#define DCABRD(x)       (460800 / (x))

it is still unclear, but I suspect the lower.  This gives you a
maximum (useful) baudrate of 38400 (divisor of 4).  The 700 
has a more 'standard' clock frequency, and thus will do 57600, 
115200, etc.

> |  Kevin Currie       |         |      Ottawa, Ontario |

(*)  To answer my earlier question about overclocking a 425;
the addition of a 66MHz crystal and a fan blowing on the
CPU appears to have done the trick.  Without the fan the CPU
is untouchable after only a few minutes.

Anything else different between a 425 and a 433?  What's that
jumper just next to the CPU?

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