Subject: Getting some bits on 400's going?
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: michael smith <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/14/1997 00:25:30
[begin aside]
Yes, I know I keep asking questions all over the place, and
so far coming up with very little in the way of results.
Maybe this time I'll come up with something to show for it;
I'd like that. 8/
[end aside]

I picked up a 425t (ex-400t) at an auction the other night,
adding to my collection of old Apollo hardware (still tinkering
with a couple of 5500's; I have Herb's 'netman' talking and
have been working on trying to get a bootstrap happening).

Some swine filched the disk tray, but amazingly left 40M of
memory and the mono framebuffer in it.  I tried the 970217
snapshot, but it trapped while running rc, and a quick scan
of the archive tells me another snap is due soon, so I
retreated to 1.2 to get things going initially.

On the list of 'not supported' stuff on the hp300 page is
'Apollo keyboards'.  Bummer; at the same auction was a pile
of HP stuff, and the keyboards were hotly contested items;
I don't feel like paying $100+ for a cruddy HIL keyboard, but
I have a nice collection of Apollo keyboards and mice.

Reading the hp300 arch bits (from -current), I see that the
'unconfigured card id 6 at sc12' is the parallel port, but
no sign of a UART that would be listening to the Apollo
keyboard (being a serial unit AFAIK).

An eyeball of the board inside doesn't reveal anything
immediately obvious, so I figure a couple of questions :

 - Is anything known about the parallel port?  I figure
   I might possibly be capable of writing a driver
   for something like that, given _some_ details 8)

 - Likewise for the Apollo keyboard/mouse interface?

Or is it that these aren't supported just because there
aren't any details available?  Is there _any_ freely-available
hardware reference for these machines?  What's the 26-way
header over by the ISA slot?  Where does the ISA slot fit 
into the picture anyway? (I ripped the ring card out as 
soon as I got it home; no point wasting power 8)

Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated.  Oh, and if anyone
has successfully overclocked a 425, that'd be interesting to
hear about too - it claims to be a 433 in the monitor, but
it's lying.  The master oscillator is socketed though, and I
have this 66MHz osc. just sitting here doing nothing...

Mike Smith  *BSD hack  Unix hardware collector
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