Subject: Re: Connecting X server to remote xdm
To: Chee-Tuck Lim <>
From: Billy Biggs <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/13/1997 16:54:09
> I am trying to connect my NetBSD X server to a remote HP-UX xdm (actually
> it's running vuelogin) by trying:-
> /usr/X11R5/bin/X -query (remote_server_name)

Well, I know I had alot of problems also with getting X to respond to 
XDMCP requests and such, so the way I hacked it to work was by avoiding 
them altogether.

On my hp, I just run /usr/X11R5/bin/X with no options, then get xdm to 
shout out to the hp itself.

In my Xservers file on my linux box I have a line called hp300:0 foreign 
and it works just fine.  I think I also disabled access control to the 
host running xdm.  I'm using xdm from my linux box.

So, you might want to see if HP-UX has something similar that may work.  
However, if security is an issue you might not like this method.

Billy Biggs