Subject: Re: novice needs a hand...
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Mark Weilert <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 10/25/1996 21:19:21
> I've just acquired a handful of hp300 hardware and, of course, I'd like
> to run NetBSD on it.
> The problem is _getting_ NetBSD on it.  The boot ROMs are rev A2, which
> presumably is earlier than the Rev C that the INSTALL document says is
> needed to load SYS_INST over the net.
> However, among the disks is one with a (fairly old, but bootable) HP-UX
> installation on it.  There are two other disks that can be used as work
> disks - I'm not about to touch the one known-working boot disk now. :-)

I came by an HP-320 last spring in almost exactly this situation.
It claimed boot rom rev. A and it didn't have a (working) tape 
drive, but it was running HPUX 7 off of one disk and it had 
several other mostly empty hard drives.

I managed to install NetBSD 1.1 on it by using HPUX to write sys-inst
directly to the start of one of the spare disks, using

dd if=SYS_INST of=<raw character disk device file>

I recall that I used a block size of 512 bytes, but that that caused 
me to lose the last bit of SYS_INST. I think I ended up padding the
end of SYS_INST with zeros to make it an integral number of blocks.

After this transfer I just rebooted off the newly written disk.
and did the rest of the installation using NFS to load the miniroot.
I know nothing of the 1.2 installation process, so I can't
say if it could be done the same way.

Hope this helps

Mark Weilert