Subject: Re: Disklabel problem
To: Genquan Xu <>
From: Terry Lambert <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 10/11/1996 13:17:08
> > > 	I use the tape to boot 300-20, but I had a problem to label the
> > > disk. I try rd0 to rd16. It could not find the disk. The disk is on the
> > > hpip0. Some one please help me. Thanks.
> > 
> > Please post any response to this to the list.  Thanks.
> > 
> disk to label?rd0
> rd0(0,0,1,2): Device not configed
> cannot open rd0
> disk to label?rd13
> rd13(1,5,1,2): Device not configed
> connot open rd13
> I try rd0 to rd16, and I can not open any rd*. Thank for your help.

I asked for the response because I have the same problem, not because
I have a fix. 8-(.

					Terry Lambert
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