Subject: Re: rboot from an HP-UX 9.04 box
To: Wes Brown <>
From: Wes Brown <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 10/10/1996 13:14:01
> I set up the rbootd that came with HP-UX 9.04 the last time I tried to
> install NetBSD.  I have forgotten all of the magic that I did to get
> everything to work.  Would anyone else have used this method?  Could you
> send me some info to spark my memory.
> Thanks.
> Wes

I hate to post a followup to my own message, but someone may find this

What I did:
I took a machine running HP-UX 9.03 and added the line
to the /etc/boottab file.  I also made sure that it was the only line
starting with install.  Next, I put the SYS_INST file into /usr/boot/

I started up rbootd with the command:
/etc/rbootd -l 3 -L /tmp/rbootd.log /dev/ieee0

Everything seems to be working.  Now I just need to get the filesystems
made on the old HP7959, HP7958, or HP7946.

Wes Brown