Subject: SyQuest Removables?
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Vince Vielhaber <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 10/07/1996 18:51:04
Is it possible to create a bootable SyQuest EZ-135 with NetBSD on it
if not already running NetBSD (eg. from HP-UX or Linux or FreeBSD)??

I haven't tried booting one of these with HP-UX on it (but that's
planned on Real Soon Now (tm) ) but they do mount just like any other
file system and I've seen a 370 or 375 boot from an HP removable 
optical - which is really a Maxtor Tahitii (sp?).

For anyone not familiar, the SyQuest EZ-135 is a removable 135 MB SCSI
drive.  Micro Warehouse, PC-MALL, and a couple of others had/has them 
for about $100 (US) and cartridges are ~$22 in single lots.  They also
come in IDE and Parallel port, but that's not important here.

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