Subject: Re: st: wrong parameters
To: None <>
From: Terry Lambert <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 10/07/1996 10:30:54
>  > I recently bought another SCSI disk to put on my 340.  I then looked
>  > at the scsi disks I was having problems getting recognized.  Seems
>  > that whether the disk spins up automagically or needs the adapter to
>  > tell it to determines whether the kernel will probe it correctly.  
> That makes sense... The hp300 SCSI code (which, well, sucks :-) doesn't
> send a START UNIT command.  Actually, that shouldn't be that hard to
> add... As soon as I pop some of these SYS_UBOOT/SYS_INST changes I'm
> making off my stack, I'll take a look at adding that...

Aha.  I'll bet this is my disklabel problem.

I will check the available jumper settings to see if I can get around
this by hacking the disk... 8-).

					Terry Lambert
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