Subject: Loading the OS. (And problem resolution)
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Fletcher Christian <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/19/1996 21:05:28
First up, thanks to all the people who wrote to me about the two  
problems I outlined. I have some good news on that.

Problem 1.)

The control C thing didn't work. I actually have a disk that has file  
system corruption (someone had removed the sync entery from /etc/passwd
which left me with no safe way to power down the disks.) I tried it
but it didn't work, does this require a HIL keyboard or can you do it  
with a terminal console?

In any case I put on my Hacking Jacket and did it the hard way. No root  
account but good enough to see that the driver I want is not on these
disks. So I can scrap them with impunity. 

Problem 2)

Thanks to all the people who didn't point out that I'm an idiot.
I don't need to boot from the PC 'cos I have a Sun Workstation!

Two quick questions. I was told that the server needs a Berkley
Packet Filter to use BOOTP. Does Solaris 2.5 have this??
Can I use the BootP setup for Solaris or will I have to
compile up the NetBSD one???

Question 2.

In the installation notes it says that the software can be loaded
over a network using an FTP server. By this I take it to mean a
machine running FTP an capable of delivering files.

Later on in the net installation section it talks about setting 
up NFS and exporting the file system to the HP300. If possible
I'd like to avoid messing with NFS and NIS until I've had a little
time to get used to the Sun. Can you just install using Vanilla
FTP??? Basic networking I can do!!!