Subject: Status report
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/15/1996 11:44:47
Hi folks...

Yah, you haven't been hearing from me for a while... "swamped" is the word 
I would use to describe my schedule recently.  There's a lot of 
back-email I still haven't gotten a chance to reply to, and a lot of 
pre-release foo I haven't gotten a chance to do yet.  Be patient with me, 
folks... :-)

As a result of extreme busy-ness, I'm taking a short (5-day) vacation 
starting today.  I'll have e-mail access, but I plan on spending a good 
portion of my time away from a CRT :-)

Here's what I plan to get to when I return (late Tuesday night):

	- Finish the final check on the NetBSD/hp300 1.2 release, and
	  put the last pre-release snapshot up for FTP.

	- Integrate some changes recently sent to me from Dave Carrel.
	  (Thanks, Dave!)

	- Reply to the back-log of e-mail I have, including several
	  from hp300 users.  To make this part easier, if folks could
	  post questions to the list, that would make my life much
	  easier (given the larger pool of people who can reply to
	  said messages).

	- Get cranking on hp300 development again, including:

		* Merging a good amount of m68k code from the
		  various m68k ports into a common place.  I've
		  done a fair bit of this so far, but need to
		  test the changes on more platforms (like
		  amiga and mvme68k).

		* Finish up COMPAT_M68K4K and change the software
		  page size of the hp300 port to match the rest of
		  them.  My COMPAT_M48K4K implementation should also
		  allow ports such as the sun3 to run old NetBSD/hp300

		* Get working on new config again.  This was stalled
		  due to time constraints and a pesky stray pointer bug.
		  Having the programmers manual for the Fujitsu SCSI
		  chip is a big help; the Sharp x68k system uses the
		  same SCSI chip, so an MI driver (a'la the MI 5380 driver)
		  will be forthcoming.

Anyhow, just wanted you folks to know that I'm still around.  Keep your 
ears open for the snapshot announcement middle-next week.


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