Subject: Re: Net booting hp400t
To: Mike Kelly <>
From: Andrew Carey <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/22/1996 02:23:50
Mike Kelly <> wrote:
> I have two hp 400t machines running NetBSD, and two more that I just got
> disks for.  Of the two running NetBSD, I have successfully net-booted one of
> them and installed NetBSD.  The other remaining two just sit in the boot
> system select mode, but never seem to hear the remote booting system even
> though it is connected directly to it.
> All of the machines report the same boot ROM version(2.0) which leads me
> to believe that they should all net boot.

Yep, all of the hp400's should net boot without problems. 

You might check that the ethernet is jumpered for thin or aui,
depending on what you're using. Between the aui and thin net on
the inside of the case is a jumper block. Move it to toward the
aui for aui and toward the thin net for thin net.

It could also be that the machines have a designated boot device 
(set in the boot prom) to boot off of and are ignoring everything
else. To get around that, push the service button on the front
of the case (a green light should come on).

Good luck on getting them to boot, hp300s are a fun breed of 

Andy Carey