Subject: Problems Booting NetBSD on 433T
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Richard Allen <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/17/1996 19:38:46
I've tried everything I can think of to boot SYS_INST on my 433T.

I borrowed a DDS DAT drive and dd'ed SYS_INST to a tape, but it would not
boot from it.

I cant see any way to netboot it. (How is that done btw...)

I noticed that SYS_INST is a LIF file so I began to experiment. My 433T has
2 SCSI disks.  One is (and will remain) the HP-UX 9.10 boot disk.  The second
disk is for NetBSD.  I newfs'ed the disk and used the lif commands to put
SYS_INST into the lif section of the harddrive.  That did not boot either.
the 433T complained about Illegal use of FFFF0000 (or something similar)

Then I tryed using mkboot to put SYS_INST into the second's disk boot area.
Then it complained that "System would load to high".

Altho it is undocumented is it prehaps possible to use the bootsection
to boot NetBSD ?

Anyway...  Here is the Info from the boot screen of my 433T:

Copyright 1990
Hewlett-Packard Company
All Rights Reserved

BOOTROM Rev. 2.0 29 NOV 90
MD11 REV 1.95 1990/12/12.14:35:26
MC68040 Processor
Configuration EEPROM
Utility Chip at 41
RAM 50331332 Bytes
HP98644 (RS-232) at 9
HP98265 (SCSI S 32) at 14
HP98643 (LAN) at 21, THIN, 0800091619DB
Bit Mapped Video at 133 (Console)

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