Subject: Re: HP370 - How to Netboot @ SCSI controller
To: Elmar Kolkman <>
From: Sean Berry (most of the time) <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/17/1996 10:05:39
>	2) get the machine to netboot. This at least gives me a chance to
>		check out the machine and probably use NetBSD over the
>		network from my Linux machine, which has enough disk space
>		for the moment.

>BTW : I tried to compile the rbootd program, but it didn't compile on Linux.
>And I don't have enough partitions to try running i386 NetBSD. Or are you
>sure that I will be able to netboot from there, while Linux doesn't work as a
>server for this HP300 ?

You must have the rbootd program to netboot.  The rbootd program passes a
boot block to the machine, from which it can continue the booting process.
I have a 340 which boots rather nicely over ethernet.

We can probably help you compile rbootd under Linux, but you'd be better off
in NetBSD.  (My NSHO.  :) )
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