Subject: HP370 - How to Netboot @ SCSI controller
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Elmar Kolkman <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/17/1996 09:53:11

I have got (yes, they really seem to dump these HP300's everywhere) a
HP9000/370 (I figured out what type it was before on information you guys
provided with the NetBSD distribution and all these mailing lists) but I
can't boot it. I have tried a lot, but the problem is that the only disk that
is provided with it, a HUGE HP-IB disk with a sound (and motor) like it's a
airplane, doesn't work. It gives a servo fault when I start it up.

With a Linux machine connected to its ethernet, I figured out that it is
trying to look for a server, but on a MAC address that is fixed and on a
number I don't have. There are two possibilities to fix this, I think:

	1) get a new disk, probably by using a 'new' SCSI controller.
		A SCSI controller is not easy to get, but I have found a
		reseller of some old HP stuff that could provide me with a
		HP98265A. I think it would be a replacement of my FAST-HP-IB
		daughterboard, but I won't need that anymore.
		And a SCSI disk is not very hard to come by these days.

	2) get the machine to netboot. This at least gives me a chance to
		check out the machine and probably use NetBSD over the
		network from my Linux machine, which has enough disk space
		for the moment.

For the latter case I thought I found the answer when someones asked about
changing the booting option of a HP9000/300 machine last week, but... the
solution didn't work on my machine (pressing the 'C' got me nowhere). Now I
don't have a HIL-keyboard, only an old HP2624a terminal or a PC with a
terminal emulator, so is there a possibility to change the MAC address on
which it tries to netboot, or doesn't this machine netboot at all ?

BTW : I tried to compile the rbootd program, but it didn't compile on Linux.
And I don't have enough partitions to try running i386 NetBSD. Or are you
sure that I will be able to netboot from there, while Linux doesn't work as a
server for this HP300 ?

Thanks in advance,

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