Subject: Re: Could somebody help me id hp9000/300 machine ?
To: None <>
From: Jonny Llama <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/15/1996 18:53:04
>  > 512a. Identifiable components are M68010,1mb of ram, two chips that are 
>  > covered with heat sinks and some video ram. Chips manufacturing dates are 
>  > between 85-86.
> Looks like your friend is the proud owner of an hp310.  Sadly enough, 
> NetBSD doesn't run on that box.  I think you can run HP-UX 5.x and HP 
> BASIC.  Maybe HP Pascal.

I have HP-UX 7.x and I think HP-BASIC (i love this thing) on 16-track 
tape if that would be any help to anyone.. As a proud owner of a 217 this 
is what I use.. I also own a 322,332, and a 340 of which none run 
NetBSD-300, yet. =)

> The backplane is at least usable... you might be able to scavenge an 
> hp320 CPU board somewhere cheap....

Companies getting rid of the old intrumentation are always giving/selling 
these things away.

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