Subject: Re: My 433T and NetBSD ?
To: Richard Allen <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/10/1996 16:42:40
On Wed, 10 Jul 1996 19:49:26 +0000 (GMT) (Richard Allen) wrote:

 > I own a HP9000-433T with 48 Megs RAM, 2 Gig disks and a large
 > color monitor.  I currently run HP-UX 9.10 on it but I'd love to
 > give NetBSD a spin.  I've been looking at the hardware compatibility
 > lists and all is well, except for the Graphics display.

That will be a speedy NetBSD/hp300 system...

 > My 433T has "A1416A" written on the backplane of the display card
 > and on the card itself the following markers appear:
 > 	model: 56-3109
 > 	A-3011-56
 > There is also a (E)PROM marked A1416-80004

Someone mentioned to me that there were some Catseye displays that had an 
"A<something>" part numnber.

 > This is a high resolution (1280x1024) 8bit deep color display, and
 > I wonder if it's supported in NetBSD or if somebody is working on
 > anything for it.

...and it's very likely that yours _is_ a high-res color Catseye.  Give 
it a whirl ... if all else fails, you can fall back on serial console 
until a driver is written.

 > PS: I'm not sure that I subscribed to the list correctly (havent heard
 > from 'majordomo' yet) so please CC and info to me directly.

I think I saw your address in a "subscribed" message ... should get a 
confirmation shortly...

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