Subject: current 25.02.1996 kernel problems
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Thorsten Frueauf <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/26/1996 17:02:56

With current 25.02.1996 kernel on my HP 9000/400T I noticed that
after kernel loading the screen clears black and freezes. Normaly
after the clear the normal kernel outputs start.

I know Jason made some changes with console modes - so anybody noticed
this too? Did I miss something in my kernel config?

Here is what I use:

----- schnipp -----
#	$NetBSD: Milano,v 1.2 1996/02/25 13:18:48 milano Exp $
# Milano's kernel - HP 9000/400T
# Erweitert: 25.02.1996 Thorsten - diffs von GERNERIC integriert
machine		"hp300"

cpu             "HP320"
cpu             "HP330"         # includes 318, 319
cpu             "HP340"
cpu             "HP350"
cpu		"HP360"
cpu		"HP370"
cpu		"HP375"		# includes 345, 400t, 400s
cpu		"HP380"		# includes 425t, 425s, 433s
ident		Milano

# Need to set locally
timezone	8 dst
maxusers	32

# Standard system options
options		SWAPPAGER		# swap pager (anonymous and swap space)
options		VNODEPAGER		# vnode pager (mapped files)
options		DEVPAGER		# device pager (mapped devices)
options         "COMPAT_43"             # compatibility with 4.3BSD interfaces
options         "COMPAT_44"             # compatibility with 4.4BSD binaries
options         "COMPAT_09"             # compatibility with NetBSD 0.9
options		"COMPAT_10"		# compatibility with NetBSD 1.0
options         SYSVSHM                 # System V-style shared memory
options         SYSVSEM                 # System V-style semaphores
options         SYSVMSG                 # System V-style message queues
options         KTRACE                  # system call tracing support
options		"NKMEMCLUSTERS=1024"	# # 4K pages in kernel malloc pool

# Filesystem options
options		FIFO		# POSIX fifo support (in all filesystems)
options		FFS,QUOTA	# fast filesystem with user and group quotas
options         "CD9660"        # CD-ROM ISO-9660 filesystem
options		NFSSERVER	# Network filesystem server
options		NFSCLIENT	# Network filesystem client
options		UNION		# Union filesystem (req. for FDESC)
options		KERNFS		# kernel data-structure filesystem
options		FDESC		# user file descriptor filesystem
options		PROCFS		# /proc filesystem
options		MFS		# Memory-based filesystem

# Networking options
options		INET		# Internet protocols
options		GATEWAY		# IP forwarding + larger mb_map
options		MROUTING	# Multicast routing
options		"TCP_COMPAT_42"	# compatibility with 4.2BSD TCP/IP

# Options for HP hardware
options		FPSP		# floating point interface for 68040
options		USELEDS		# make the lights twinkle
options		COMPAT_NOLABEL	# defaults for unlabeled disks
#options	PANICBUTTON	# two fast <reset>s on HIL dump kernel
#options	CONSCODE="9"	# force console at this select code

# HP-UX binary compatibility.
options	COMPAT_HPUX		# HP-UX binary compatibility

# Debugging options
options		DDB		# Kernel Dynamic Debugger

# If the kernel isn't named `GENERIC', uncomment the line below.
options	GENERIC		# Generic swap support
config		netbsd swap generic

master		hpib0	at scode7
master		hpib1	at scode?
master		hpib2	at scode?
master		hpib3	at scode?
disk		rd0	at hpib? slave ?
disk		rd1	at hpib? slave ?
disk		rd2	at hpib? slave ?
disk		rd3	at hpib? slave ?
disk		rd4	at hpib? slave ?
disk		rd5	at hpib? slave ?
disk		rd6	at hpib? slave ?
tape		ct0	at hpib0 slave ?
tape		ct1	at hpib0 slave ? flags 1
tape		mt0	at hpib0 slave ?
device		ppi0	at hpib0 slave 5

master		scsi0	at scode?
master		scsi1	at scode?
master		scsi2	at scode?
master		scsi3	at scode?
disk		sd0	at scsi? slave ?
disk		sd1	at scsi? slave ?
disk		sd2	at scsi? slave ?
disk		sd3	at scsi? slave ?
disk		sd4	at scsi? slave ?
disk		sd5	at scsi? slave ?
disk		sd6	at scsi? slave ?
disk		sd7	at scsi? slave ?
disk		sd8	at scsi? slave ?
disk		sd9	at scsi? slave ?
tape		st0	at scsi? slave ?
tape		st1	at scsi? slave ?

device		dca0	at scode9 flags 1
device		dca1	at scode?

device		dcm0	at scode? flags 0xe
device		dcm1	at scode? flags 0xe

device		le0	at scode?
device		le1	at scode?

device		grf0	at scode?
device		grf1	at scode?

pseudo-device	pty		64	# pseudo ptys
pseudo-device	sl		4	# SLIP network interfaces
pseudo-device	ppp		4	# PPP network interfaces
pseudo-device	bpfilter	16	# Berkeley packet filter
pseudo-device	vnd		4	# vnode pseudo-disks
pseudo-device	ccd		4	# concatenated disk devices
pseudo-device	ite			# terminal emulation on grf
pseudo-device	loop			# loopback network interface
pseudo-device	ether			# basic ethernet support
----- schnapp -----

Normaly I get the following kernel output:

Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: NetBSD 1.1A (Milano) #2: Fri Feb 23 15:39:19 MET 1996
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd:     milano@cybersil:/amd/home/milano/source/netbsd-src/sys/arch/hp300/compile/Milano
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: HP9000/345/375 (50MHz MC68030 CPU+MMU, 50MHz MC68882 FPU, 32K physical-address cache)
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: real mem = 16769024
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: avail mem = 12386304
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: using 409 buffers containing 1675264 bytes of memory
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: Parity detection enabled
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: hil1: US ASCII keyboard
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: dma0: 98620C, 2 channels, 32 bit
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: hpib0 at scode7 ipl 3: Internal HP-IB
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: ppi0 at hpib0 slave 5
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: dca0 at scode9 ipl 5 flags 0x1: working fifo
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: unconfigured card id 6 at sc12
Feb 26 16:02:42 cybersil /netbsd: scsi0 at scode14 ipl 4: 32 bit dma, async, scsi id 7
Feb 26 16:02:43 cybersil /netbsd: sd0 at scsi0 slave 6: <RODIME, RO3000T, 5.75>
Feb 26 16:02:43 cybersil /netbsd: sd0: 1216 cylinders, 9 heads, 410211 blocks, 512 bytes/block
Feb 26 16:02:43 cybersil /netbsd: le0 at scode21 ipl 5: address 08:00:09:11:95:c4
Feb 26 16:02:43 cybersil /netbsd: le0: 8 receive buffers, 2 transmit buffers
Feb 26 16:02:43 cybersil /netbsd: grf0 at scode133: 1280 x 1024 monochrome hyperion display
Feb 26 16:02:43 cybersil /netbsd: Changing root device to sd0a
Feb 26 16:02:43 cybersil /netbsd: init: copying out path `/sbin/init' 11

Thanx for any help in advance!


PS: Due to local network problems I got no mail over the weekend (24/25.02) -
    the mail simply got lost - so if that problem is already reported/solved -
    Sorry - but please mail me the solution then - Thanx!