Subject: Re: HP/Apollo Question
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Thomas A. McLeary <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/22/1996 07:20:35
At 8:29 AM 2/21/96, Jason Thorpe wrote:
> > This brings me to want to install NetBSD on them since the FAQ says it
> > supports booting diskless clients.  My questions are:
> >
> > 1) The HP/Apollo is basically a post-Apollo-buyout, pre-9000-labeled
> >    machine. It is 68040 based and has all the supported 9000 HW inside.
> >    Is this machine supported? The FAQ shows a model 400 as a 68030.
>Yes, it runs with 400, 425, and 433 systems, except the 425e (if I
>remember right ... it's a strange breed of cat).  400 is a 68030, 425 and
>433 are 68040.

Is there an easy way to tell which model it is. I don't recall seeing any
other model information on it other than the label on the front which
simply says 'HP Apollo Series 400'.  I know for sure it is a 68040. The
speed I could probably figure out by looking on the motherboard. But I'm not
sure how to tell if it is an 'e' model.

>Here's dmesg from my 319, which is currently completely diskless.  Apart
>from the "rbootd" stage of the boot process, it's a very Sun-like boot
>process...not really like HPs cluster[censored]d environment.  It uses
>rarp, bootparams, and NFS at the bootblock and kernel levels.  rboot is
>used to get the bootblock to the client.

Booting like Suns is fine with me since I am familiar w/ how they boot. It
really doesn't matter how it boots as long as it does boot. I'd just hook
a drive up to it, but if I'm not mistaken I would need a new boot ROM for
it so it knows to look for a disk rather than the network.



Tom McLeary

"Hell hath no fury like Bill Gates's scorn..."

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