Subject: Re: HP/Apollo Question
To: Herb Peyerl <>
From: Andrew Carey <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/21/1996 15:00:04
Herb Peyerl <> wrote:
> never having seen an 'e', I'm not sure whether they had an apollo keyboard
> connector or not... I don't remember Domain/OS specifically supporting
> the 'e' or not..

The "e"'s do have a connector for a Apollo keyboard. The "e" or rather
425e (since there isn't a 400e or a 433e) has a Domain boot that seems
to work as normal, so it should work...

> The issue with the apollo keyboard is still an issue since we can't find
> the UART in I/O space that controls that connector on all 4xx's...
> I can't remember where we stood on it but didn't someone suggest that
> 4xx's running HPUX had 3 uarts wired up to the serial connector on the
> back? I remember that under Domain/OS there was only 1 serial port 
> available although I heard rumor that there were actually 2... If
> it's the case that there were 3 ports under hpux and 2 under Domain/OS,
> then I guess the answer is obvious... But looking on my 400s motherboard,
> I see only a single 16550AN... So, I'm confused...

Both 400's running under HP-UX and DomainOS should be able to use
all three serial ports (with a fanout cable). Under HP-UX, the
first port goes through the 16550 and the other two go through the
utility chip. Under DomainOS, all three go through the utility

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