Subject: Re: HP/Apollo Question
To: Mike Hibler <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/21/1996 12:47:20 (Mike Hibler)  wrote:
 > > ... The 433's and 425's are supported except for the
 > > 433e and 425e due to missing display code.  This might be addressable soon.
 > > 
 > Isn't there an issue with the Apollo keyboards on the 'e' machines?

never having seen an 'e', I'm not sure whether they had an apollo keyboard
connector or not... I don't remember Domain/OS specifically supporting
the 'e' or not..

The issue with the apollo keyboard is still an issue since we can't find
the UART in I/O space that controls that connector on all 4xx's...

I can't remember where we stood on it but didn't someone suggest that
4xx's running HPUX had 3 uarts wired up to the serial connector on the
back? I remember that under Domain/OS there was only 1 serial port 
available although I heard rumor that there were actually 2... If
it's the case that there were 3 ports under hpux and 2 under Domain/OS,
then I guess the answer is obvious... But looking on my 400s motherboard,
I see only a single 16550AN... So, I'm confused...