Subject: console code testers?
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jason Thorpe <thorpej@SJ.Xenotropic.COM>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/20/1996 23:35:59

I have just *seriously* re-worked how the console is probed on the 
hp300.  This is part of the long journey towards new config.  The goal 
here was to eliminate the need for the "hardware table" that was built 
before autoconfiguration.  It seems to be working ok on my hp319 and 
hp380.  Both of those systems have Catseye displays.

If someone with a serial console would like to test a GENERIC kernel for 
me, I'd really appreciate it.  This is pre-NFSv3 ... I'm hoping to update 
my local tree and get a binary snapshot out ASAP.  (I swear, I'm not 
ignoring you folks!  :-)

Attached below is that the boot messages look like on my 319 with the new 
console code...

NetBSD 1.1A (GENERIC) #143: Tue Feb 20 23:13:56 PST 1996
HP9000/318/319/330 (16.67MHz MC68020 CPU, MC68851 MMU, 16.67MHz MC68881 FPU)
real mem = 8380416
avail mem = 5144576
using 204 buffers containing 835584 bytes of memory
hil1: US ASCII keyboard
dma0: 98620C, 2 channels, 32 bit
grf0 at addr 0x560000: 1024 x 768 64 color lo-res catseye display (console)
ite0 at grf0: attached
hpib0 at scode7 ipl 3: Internal HP-IB
ppi0 at hpib0 slave 5
dca0 at scode9 ipl 5 flags 0x1: no fifo
hpib1 at scode14 ipl 4: 98625A or 98625B fast HP-IB
le0 at scode21 ipl 5: address 08:00:09:01:23:e6
le0: 8 receive buffers, 2 transmit buffers
root on le0
nfs_boot: using network interface 'le0'
nfs_boot: client_addr=0xccbc9814
nfs_boot: server_addr=0xccbc9801
nfs_boot: hostname=granite.SJ.Xenotropic.COM
root on basalt:/u3/granite/root
swap on basalt:/u3/granite/swap

Jason R. Thorpe                                         thorpej@Xenotropic.COM

           Just me and my collection of obsolete computer gear(s).