Subject: Re: HP 9144 driver
To: Daniel Hagerty <>
From: Andrew Carey <careya@arcadia.PEAK.NET>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/10/1996 22:43:16
Daniel Hagerty <> wrote:
> 	Is anyone actually using the 'ct' driver in NetBSD 1.1? I
> recently hooked up a 9144 to an hp380 running 1.1, and was very
> quickly rewarded with a uninteruptible sleep from my tar...

I've been using 9144s to transport stuff from work to home with      
no problems. There's that self-test button on the back that you
might try, someone else out there probably knows what the results
mean as I don't have any documentation.

A brief digression: A HPer posted to one of the comp.sys.hp 
groups that HP will no longer be selling 375/380 (and 345/4xx)
memory after June.

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