Subject: Re: HP 9144 driver
To: Daniel Hagerty <>
From: Scott Reynolds <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/10/1996 02:00:04
On Fri, 9 Feb 1996, Daniel Hagerty wrote:

> 	Is anyone actually using the 'ct' driver in NetBSD 1.1? I
> recently hooked up a 9144 to an hp380 running 1.1, and was very
> quickly rewarded with a uninteruptible sleep from my tar...

I never had that problem, but neither did I get it to write tapes 
properly on my 9145.  (I seemed to be able to read them, but without 
writing them it was rather pointless...)

I checked in a fix earlier today that improved the behavior of the driver 
significantly for me.  It will be available in tomorrow's SUP, but if 
you're curious and willing to compile a kernel, change the

	#define	C_REL	0x140

in /sys/arch/hp300/dev/ctreg.h to

	#define	C_REL	0xc0