Subject: Re: greetings and salutations
To: d neal wise <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/09/1996 08:19:06
d neal wise <>  wrote:
 > 2) the seller (someone who's on this list incidentally) told me that the 
 > mono frame buffer will support a 1024x768 fixed-freq monitor. anyone have 
 > a nice cheap source for one of these?

I have about 8 of these in my garage at the moment in various states of 
disarray... Basically, they're not a terribly good monitor and all the ones
I have left have something wrong with them (either they're completely 
frotzed or they need simple tuning)... But I don't know nuthin 'bout
electrickity so I'm not gonna bother... They're pretty heavy too... If
you can manage to find a 98785A (I think that's what it was), it's a 
color trinitron monitor and you can hook the mono output from your cpu
to the green signal on the monitor to get a nice cheezy green display but
it'll be a lot more reliable than those heinous mono monitors... Careful
though, you might also find a 98789A or it's 19" equivalent but they won't
sync to that mono card... they're for the 1280x1024 display cards...

 > 3) i also have no HIL devices. what am i looking for in the way of model 
 > numbers and what approximate price would these go for?

hmm.. I dunno... It should be fairly easy to scare up a keyboard... I don't
recommend running X in 4mb so you probably won't need a mouse...

 > 4) i have no disk in this.  the seller said it support fast & slow hpib 
 > disks. nice cheap source? *grin* one with netbsd already on it would be dandy
 > or a source for a SCSI card...

scsi cards are a rarity.. At least in my sphere of the universe... I have a 
bunch of 340's (to go along with the bunch of monitors) and none of them have
scsi cards in them...  I don't have a source for hpib disks either...