Subject: Re: Newbie on the HP port
To: Steve Roberts <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/06/1996 10:25:37
On Tue, 6 Feb 1996 23:15:56 +1030 (CDT) 
 Steve Roberts <> wrote:

[ Note: from your comments, it looks like you're using an old version of
  the install notes ... the 1.1 INSTALL file definitely doesn't contain
  the network setup/console instructions you describe...Are you certain
  you installed 1.1?  --thorpej ]

 > Now I am at the stage on configuring the network setup as specified in the
 > installation notes. I have been trying to change the terminal type to a
 > vt100 with any luck. I used 'export TERM=vt100; tset' without any luck. The
 > environment variable says it's a vt100 but the control characters I see on
 > the dca serial connection are definately of the HP derivitive. 
 > Any ideas ???.

Try "TERM=vt100; export TERM; tset".  Other than that, I'm not sure what 
else might be the problem ... maybe the serial settings are wrong?

 > Another one is the installation notes say to edit the file '/etc/ttys' and
 > change the line that references the console. For the serial connection on
 > the process module (I have worked out that this port is named the dca) it
 > says to change the entry to /dev/tty0. But I look at the /etc/ttys file and
 > the only line I can see that I believe references this is :=
 >         console "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"     hp300h on secure
 > I remember changing this line before and ended up not being able to login to
 > the machine ???.

You don't need to change that to tty0 ... "console" is just fine, though 
you'll probably want to change the "Pc" to "std.9600" or some other 
gettytab type.  Then, change the hp300h to the appropriate terminal type 
that's hooked up to the serial port.

Note that /etc/ttys is only valid once getty has started.  If you get 
stuck, you can always boot into single-user mode and fixup the terminal 

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