Subject: Install failure on 380 (Illegal instruction)
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: John W. DeBoskey <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/04/1996 22:14:59

   My trials & tribulations continue. I have managed to boot SYS_INST
and then load inst-11.fs via NFS from my Sun 3/80. I'm trying to
install NetBSD-1.1.

   And then the fun begins.

   I have gotten as far as about to load the 1st tar file, to as short
as hitting ENTER to select SH as the shell, when the miniroot takes
an illegal instruction. Each time, the process taking the hit appears
to be a wait().

   I don't have a console. I'm hoping someone else has seen this and
may know of a work-around. Also, I don't know where the SCSI bus
reset is coming from(below). I've tried installing onto a pair of DEC RZ56E
drives and a Seagate ST3600N, but to no avail.

   An /etc/dmesg from HPUX of the machine follows:

Feb  4 22:08
Internal HIL at 0x428000
    System Console is ITE
    ITE + 1 port(s)

I/O System Configuration:
    MC68040 processor
    HP98620C DMA
    Internal HP-IB Interface - system controller at select code 7
        Parallel poll interrupts enabled.
    HP98644 Advanced RS-232C Serial Interface at select code 9
        With 16 byte rcv fifo, 16 byte xmit fifo, hardware handshake
        and high speed clock.
    HP98265A (SCSI Interface) at select code 14
        5 MB/s; parity enabled.
    HP98643 at select code 21
    Card ID 6     at select code 23 ignored;
    interface driver not present
    HP98550 Bit Mapped Display at 0x560000

SCSI Bus: hard reset (isc: 14)
Networking memory for fragment reassembly is restricted to 2310144 bytes

Disk Information:
    Root device major is 7, minor is 0xe0600, root site is 0
    Battery-backed real-time clock
    Swap device table:  (start & size given in 512-byte blocks)
        entry 0 - auto-configured on root device; start = 544896, size = 86016
Using primary swap device for crashdump.
Core image of 6143 pages will be saved at block 290884 on device 0x70e0600

Memory Information:
    Physical: 24552 Kbytes, lockable: 21796 Kbytes, available: 21896 Kbytes

--       (w) John W. De Boskey          (919) 677-8000 x6915