Subject: Re: rbootd for FreeBSD
To: Scott Reynolds <>
From: Frank Bartels <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/02/1996 01:30:35

Scott Reynolds wrote:

> Well, now that my mistake is enshrined in the mailing list archives, you 
> might want to try this one instead.  (The patch I had found was against 
> an interim version of rbootd I had been working on.  *sigh*)  Notice that 
> this is simpler code. :-)

Great, it works! THANK YOU!

But I still cannot complete my installation:

Now I am able to load and run SYS_INST and SYS_NBOOT. I think I don't
need SYS_INST, because I have no local disk attached to the hp. Running
SYS_NBOOT always tells me:

No response for RARP request
le(0,0,0,0): Unknown error: code 60

but `tcpdump rarp' on the network says:

01:21:20.993914 rarp who-is tell rarpd seems to work (it does work for my diskless sun4s).

Any ideas?

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