Subject: Re: Keyboard failure on miniroot 1.1
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Zadok <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 01/26/1996 14:36:52
On Thu, 25 Jan 1996, Jason Thorpe wrote:

>  > finally I got the 1.1 miniroot on my harddisk, it booted ... asked me for 
>  > a shell, i pressed enter, but what appeared on my screen was a string 
>  > like this: <H^@^@^@J\> or similar, no key seemed to function properly... 
>  > I took another Keyboard - the same. SYS_INST worked fine, my keyboard is 
>  > an ordinary HIL-thing, came with the workstation... 
>  > What the f*** is the fault ??? I've no idea about it...
> Do you, by chance, have a German keyboard, or is it US ASCII?  We 
> currently support US, UK, and Sweedish.  If you do have a different 
> keyboard, go ahead and make a keyboard map for it (see 
> /sys/arch/hp300/dev/kbd* for details) and I'll be glad to commit it to 
> the tree.  Unfortunately, until you have a keyboard map that will work 
> with your keyboard, you'll have to use a serial console...
That's it, I use a german keyboard. But... why does the SYS_INST work 
with my Keyboard and the NetBSD-kernel doesn't ??? 
The other thing: I tried to use a serial console... thought, my PC ( with 
16550 serial... should be albe to handle any speed up to 115kBaud ) and 
an terminal program were enough to install at least the kernel... so, no 
PC terminal was able to bring up anything useful - which speed does the 
HP use ? which data format ? and do they transmit real ASCII or some HP 
specific ? and - the problem ( keyboard... ) is still present, the HP 
seems not to recognize anything from the PC, but from its own keyboard it 
seems to receive all. Now the question: is there a HP terminal emulator 
for PC ( Linux or DOS ) available ? If not - how can I reset the HP's 
setup so that it uses its own console again ? I couldn't get my Terminal 
to display anything useful...

sorry about these "stupid" questions, but I have not much experiance with HPs