Subject: Re: SYS_INST
To: Jason Hodges <>
From: Andrew Carey <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 01/25/1996 21:18:10
Jason Hodges <> wrote:
> I have been trying for some time to get NetBSD up on my hp300.. I have 
> managed to successfully get it to netboot SYS_INST but thats about it. I 
> guess when SYS_INST boots I have to disklabel the disk. Except I do not 
> have a clue what disk device to tell it!.. It is a 7959B HPIB drive. 

The install guide explain it (imho) pretty well: 

A QUICK NOTE ABOUT DISK NUMBERS:  While in the SYS_INST program, you
may use different unit numbers for the disks than when the NetBSD
kernel is running.  The unit number for a disk while in SYS_INST is
calculated with the following formula:

        unit = (controller * 8) + slave

Controllers are numbered 0, 1, ... starting with the lowest select code.
SCSI controllers and HP-IB controllers are counted separately.  Therefore,
if you have a system with an internal HP-IB interface at select code 7,
a fast HP-IB interface at select code 14, and a SCSI interface at select
code 16, unit numers might be something like the following:

        Location                        Unit
        --------                        ----
        HP-IB at 7, slave 2             2       (disk: rd2)
        HP-IB at 14, slave 5            13      (disk: rd13)
        SCSI at 16, slave 0             0       (disk: sd0)

> Could someone give me a brief rundown on what needs to be done to get 
> this install going via netboot. Do I have to do anything to the disk 
> under HPUX?

The rest of the install guide should pretty much walk you through it.
The one hangup I've found is that the net install won't work with
le1. Oh well :)

You shouldn't have to do anything to the disk under hpux.

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