Subject: Re: xdmcp for X server fixed
To: Herb Peyerl <>
From: David Carrel <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 01/11/1996 09:02:06
> The whole thing is very Timothy-Leary... 

And you want to change it???

> Oh, and lager is a 400s and running fairly -current.
> Anyway, I'm just curious if someone has some idea of what I've done
> if anything. It'd be a special bonus if it was a result of something
> Jason did 'cuz then I could make him owe me a beer...

My grf1 is at the same scode, my device files looks the same as yours and
so does my X0screens file.  But my second display works fine.  (Except for
the cursor turd left on the old screen.)  I am running -current from about
4 days ago so I think Jason is off the hook.  In fact, now I think you owe
both Jason and I a beer.

What's the checksum on the X server binary?  Did you get the symlink from X
to XhpBSD right?