Subject: Re: Specs on Hewlett-Packard 98785A Color Monitor.
To: Brian J. Fox <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 01/02/1996 10:26:13
"Brian J. Fox" <>  wrote:
 > However, I didn't get the owners manual with the display, and now I'm
 > trying to hack up my new Pentium system such that it is capable of
 > driving the display through X386.
 > 	a) Have the XF86Config "Modeline" info for this display, or,
 > 	b) know the scan specifications for this monitor?

    BandWidth 25.2
    HorizSync 63.07
    VertRefresh 56.15
    ModeLine "blah" 126.12 1536 1608 1968 2000 1102 1107 1114 1122 -vsync -hsync

I was really pushing it at 1536x1102 but it was stable. You'll probably want to
try the following that I had for 1280x1024:

	ModeLine "blah" 109.9 1280 1300 1724 1744 1024 1027 1037 1116 -vsync -hsync

Anyway, those numbers are all dependant on what frequency your VGA card
is capable of running at... I was using an ATI Mach32 PCI card...

Good luck. (btw, if your HP wants a good home, I can give it one...)