Subject: Re: More on 425e running Domain/OS
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Kerry Schwab <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/27/1995 10:55:27
> > (Herb Peyerl) wrote:
> > 
> >  > (Kerry Schwab)  wrote:
> >  > I did get NetBSD with one rather BIG catch.  I have no display.
> >  > Apparently the "EVRX" video is not supported.  Is this true ?
> >  > Will it be supported in the future ?
> >  > 
> >  > Here's what my system says about it when booting:
> >  > >EVRX at SGC slot 0 (Console)
> > 
> > I believe (Mike will probably correct me) this is the model of display
> > card that eventually made it into the hp700's... There exists, somewhere,
> > apparently some hp700 Mach code that probably has code for that controller..
> > The hp300 port doesn't presently support that display controller. Though it
> > might make some people happy if it did.
> > 

Geez, I always seem to find the exception ;)

> >  > I then run "CF" from the PROM monitor and configure for HPUX
> >  > boot mode.  At this point it won't recognize or do anything 
> >  > useful with the serial ports.  If I press the spacebar on the domain
> >  > keyboard while in HPUX boot mode, I get a prompt that says:
> > 

> Does NetBSD find a serial port?  You should be able to run /sbin/dmesg to
> see console messages even without the console.  Of course, that is assuming
> that you can get up multi-user and on the network without interacting with
> the console.  If netbsd finds the serial port, you should be able to build
> a kernel with the console hardwired to the serial port (i.e., ignoring what
> the ROM says is the console).  Someone else can probably tell you exactly
> what to do, but it is something like modifying dcacnprobe to set the
> "priority" of the device to CN_REMOTE (I should know since I wrote this
> stuff, but it was a long time ago :-)

Since I have no console, and the dumb terminal doesn't work, I can
only type blindly into an HP-HIL keyboard.  I can tell by the
disk activity light that it's booting.  I don't suppose the rootimage
has telnetd on it or anything, so I'm in the "chicken/egg" zone.

Guess I'll cut my losses and try to get HPUX for a reasonable sum.

Thanks everyone for all your help.