Subject: Re: More on 425e running Domain/OS
To: Kerry Schwab <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/26/1995 15:01:14 (Kerry Schwab)  wrote:
 > I did get NetBSD with one rather BIG catch.  I have no display.
 > Apparently the "EVRX" video is not supported.  Is this true ?
 > Will it be supported in the future ?
 > Here's what my system says about it when booting:
 > >EVRX at SGC slot 0 (Console)

I believe (Mike will probably correct me) this is the model of display
card that eventually made it into the hp700's... There exists, somewhere,
apparently some hp700 Mach code that probably has code for that controller..
The hp300 port doesn't presently support that display controller. Though it
might make some people happy if it did.

 > I then run "CF" from the PROM monitor and configure for HPUX
 > boot mode.  At this point it won't recognize or do anything 
 > useful with the serial ports.  If I press the spacebar on the domain
 > keyboard while in HPUX boot mode, I get a prompt that says:

You'll have to wait for Jason or someone else to respond to the rest. This
is beyond my sphere of knowledge.