Subject: More on 425e running Domain/OS
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Kerry Schwab <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/26/1995 10:43:14
Re all...

It's the annoying guy trying to get NetBSD up on a 425e that
was running Domain/OS.

First, my thanks to all who responded, I just needed to swap
bytes on the disklabel. (Didn't know 680x0's were big endian) 

I did get NetBSD with one rather BIG catch.  I have no display.
Apparently the "EVRX" video is not supported.  Is this true ?
Will it be supported in the future ?

Here's what my system says about it when booting:
>EVRX at SGC slot 0 (Console)

Ok, so I should just use a dumb terminal, right ?  Well, the 
serial ports on this box appear to only be supported under 
Domain boot mode.  In domain boot mode, I just put it in service
mode, and press the space bar on the terminal attached to the first
serial port, and it works great.

I then run "CF" from the PROM monitor and configure for HPUX
boot mode.  At this point it won't recognize or do anything 
useful with the serial ports.  If I press the spacebar on the domain
keyboard while in HPUX boot mode, I get a prompt that says:

>Select System, type Return

I can then press "C" to get the follwing menu:

>Configuration Control
>keys Control Class
>---- ------- -----
>1 I/O Configuration
>2 Boot Mode Selection 
>A Abort without changes
>Type [key] Return:

Now I select "1", and get this menu:

>Configuration Control
>keys Control Class
>---- ------- -----
>1    LAN     21
>2    SCSI    14
>3    HP PARALLEL 12
>N store new values
>D store default values
>  (then cycle CPU power) 
>A Abort without changes
>Type [key] Return:

No options for the serial ports, etc.

I can type "L" or "R" at the "Select System" prompt, but it seems
to have no effect, other than rebooting. (Local and Remote?)

In any event, the serial ports are on a daughter card above the
motherboard with 2 rows of (hmm, approximately) 10 pins going up
into it.

It looks like this:

| |Aud| |Dom|  |res| |serv/|  |rs232| |rs232| |rs232| |
| |out| |kbd|  |et | |norm |  | #3  | | #2  | | #4  | |
|  ---   ---    ---   -----    -----   -----   -----  |
|                   _______________                   |
|                   | rows of pins |                  |
|                   | to M/B       |                  |

And sits like this:

|         | d/b   |
|          -------|
|      m/b        |
|                 |

Front of machine

I'm assuming I'll need a new one of these with serial ports 
supported by HPUX/NetBSD.  Does anyone have a 425e with a 
different style daughtercard that is successfully using a 
dumb terminal for the console ?  Could you let me know the 
markings on the board ?

Markings/Numbers on the daughterboard.

(please send a copy of any replies to