Subject: Re: Installing to Domain Equipped 425e
To: Kerry Schwab <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/23/1995 11:06:59
On Wed, 19 Jul 1995 10:43:37 -0600 (MDT) (Kerry Schwab) wrote:

 > 2) From looking over mailing list archives, it appears that the 
 >    Domain keyboard is not supported.  I don't have any $$ to spend on
 >    HPHIL, so can I install from a serial console ? (Assuming the PROM
 >    monitor will allow to boot this way... I haven't seen it yet) 

To configure the bootrom to use the built-in serial as the console, do the 
following once you've gotten the machine into HP bootrom mode, during the 
bootrom's probe for hardware at power-up.  (Note: this actually applies
to the 345/375/380 but the 425/433 machines I've had are pretty much like
this.  Other machines (370/360/...), you'll actually have to frob a switch
or jumper on the appropriate serial card or cpu card.)

Press <space> to enter System Search Mode. Once you see `System Search 
Mode' at the bottom of your screen, press <c> <return> to enter 
Configuration Mode.  You'll be presented with a list of configurable 
interfaces, one of which will be RS-232 at Select Code 9.  This menu will 
be in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Select the RS-232 at Select Code 9 option (menu item 2 on my 380, but 
your mileage may vary).  There will be several configurable options for 
this (which, incidentally, is the on-board `dca').  Look for the 
`Remote/Local' option.  It's probably set at `L'.  To make the system use 
the dca as the console, set this to `R'.  Once you've set the Remote 
flag, type <x> <return> to get back to the main menu, and then type <n> 
<return>.  This will cause the machine to save the new values in the 
EEPROM and reset.  You'll want to have a terminal plugged in to the dca 
at this point.

If, for some reason, you goof up and lose the video console and need to 
get it back, the bootrom will usually prompt you to hit `L' at boot time 
to use the `Local Console' (video) ... It's worked for me before in the 
bootrom, but once an OS (HP-UX or NetBSD) started, it looked at how the 
various ports were configured.  But, it's enough to switch the console 
back if you have to.

Hope this helps ...


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