Subject: Re: Still no luck booting on HP-340...
To: Greg Oster <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/22/1995 12:00:03
On Fri, 21 Jul 1995 08:50:46 -0600 
 Greg Oster <> wrote:

 > To recap: 
 > We created 2 bootable disks - one made on a HP-319, and the other on an
 > HP-340.  Both boot fine on the HP-319.  On the HP-340, however, both
 > give the error message: "Read Error :CDC 94161-9, 1400, 0".  This message
 > is printed <after> the "BOOTING SYSTEM" message, but before 
 > the NetBSD boot prompt.  The drives are WREN 3's, and are set to 
 > SCSI ID 0.

Well, the `1400' means `Select Code 14, unit 0' .. bootrom device 
notation.  I would assume the `0' means `file 0', in this case, the 
bootblock LIF.  The bootroms aren't even loading the bootblock, so you're 
not going to see the `NetBSD BOOT' message.

This whole thing really puzzles me .. AFAIK, `Rev C' was the first 
bootrom to grok SCSI .. it may be quite picky about what kind of drive it 
reads.  You might try scrounging up another disk for kicks...

I'm curious which revision of the bootrom is on your 319...

I've had a 320, 345, 360, 370, 375, 380, 425, and 433, but never a 340 
or 319, so I've never been able to observe behavior such as this on a 340.

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