Subject: Still no luck booting on HP-340...
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Greg Oster <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/21/1995 08:50:46
Hi again.

We still have not been successfull in getting NetBSD-1.0 to 
boot on our HP-340's.  (If any of you sent me mail responding
my previous posts then *please* send it to me again -- we had 
some mail problems, and I believe some messages never made it
to me :-(  On a related note: where can I find "up-to-date" 
archives of this mailing list?).

To recap: 
We created 2 bootable disks - one made on a HP-319, and the other on an
HP-340.  Both boot fine on the HP-319.  On the HP-340, however, both
give the error message: "Read Error :CDC 94161-9, 1400, 0".  This message
is printed <after> the "BOOTING SYSTEM" message, but before 
the NetBSD boot prompt.  The drives are WREN 3's, and are set to 

We tried making the disks boot on 3 different HP-340's.  All 3 have 
the same SCSI card, which is stamped "HP98658A at 14", and reported as 
"HP98265 (SCSI S 16) at 14" on bootup.  All 3 gave the same error.
The bootroms on the 340's are all: "Copyright 1988, Rev. C1".

Any/all assistance is most appreciated.  We are trying to setup a small
(isolated) network of 5 340's to be used as the "playground" for a
"hands on" operating systems class.  (I've been told that if we (myself
and another admin person) can't get these machines going within the next 
couple of weeks that we'll have to start looking for another platform for 
the class.  :-(  I really don't want that to happen, as I think this class
could be a big boost for NetBSD in this part of the country.)

Thanks for any help you can provide...


Greg Oster
Department of Computational Science
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA