Subject: Re: Pse. help - Domain-Keyboard
To: Herb Peyerl <>
From: Hergo Pape <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/16/1995 00:07:17
Hello Herb,

Herb Peyerl writes:
> (Hergo Pape)  wrote:
>  > My Display is a HP A1096A (1280x1024) Monochrome. The Keyboard Type is
>  > Model A1630-82004 R1 (apollo/Domain-Keyboard).
> This is the typical Apollo Domain keyboard.  
> They were an async keyboard that ran at 1200,e,8,1 (from memory)... I

Hmm, "(from memory)"? I can access this from memory? I'm seems the Domain-
Keyboard is connected to an "Utility"-Chip? Is this Chip accessable from

> could probably find specs for you if you care.  The mouse might

Thanks, i'em interest in this! Please look for this!

> look like a logitech but it used a proprietary protocol..

Mouse is no Problem, i can use a serial Mouse, connected to an RS232 Port.
I hope this...

>  > dca0 at sc9, ipl 5, flags 0x1
> I'm curious whether that is the serial port for the keyboard. You might
> be able to munge the X driver to understand it...

Yes, I'em can use this as RS232 Port, getty will work. I have installed NetBSD
over RS232, i look for this as "tty0".

Under HP-UX i can access 3 Port's. "tty[0-2]". NetBSD found only "tty0".

Domain/OS has "sio0" for Domain-Keyboard and "sio[1-3]" for RS232 on a
DB25 female Connector on th back Side.

> I dunno, sounds like a fun project.

Hmm, i become no HP-HIP Keyboard for an reasonably cheap. The Distributor
(near Hannover) have this for ~ $ 300 (Keyboard&Mouse)... ;-(

> Let us know if you get anywhere...

Yes, thanks. Hope i can redirect Kernel Keyboard Input from a RS232.
I search in the source Code...

In this Moment i search for FAQ from NetBSD, i will build a new Kernel.
This is other as Linux or Interactive Unix...

all the best
  Hergo Pape, Magdeburg       -  hergo@wegaop.Boerde.DE,