Subject: Re: Pse. help - Domain-Keyboard
To: None <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/15/1995 19:34:31 (Hergo Pape)  wrote:
 > Hmm, "(from memory)"? I can access this from memory? I'm seems the Domain-

woops, sorry... when I saw "from memory" I mean "as near as I can 
remember from my deep dark past, Apollo keyboards spoke at 1200,e,8,1".

 > Thanks, i'em interest in this! Please look for this!

actually, it turns out to be simpler than I remember.

On an older model Apollo (DNxxxx, pre-HP) with the same keyboards, you
just read from port 0 at 1200,e,8,1 and it would just send you keystrokes
as ascii sequences... There's some specialness having to do with the
'alt' keys and such but I don't have any code for that nor any docs. It
should be fairly straight forward to figure out.

 > Hmm, i become no HP-HIP Keyboard for an reasonably cheap. The Distributor
 > (near Hannover) have this for ~ $ 300 (Keyboard&Mouse)... ;-(

Wow too bad. When I was down at HMR in SanFran this spring, there was
a huge bin full of them and could probably have gotten a handfull of them
for $10...

But I already had all I needed.

Good luck.