Subject: Pse. help - Domain-Keyboard
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Hergo Pape <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/14/1995 23:29:43

i have a HP Apolle Workstation, Modell Series A1630 Type 400i.

My Problem is, i have a "Domain-Keyboard"... The Machine is running befor

Now i'cant use this as a X-Terminal, the Keyboard will not work. ;-(

I'em installed HP-UX 8.00 and NetBSD 1.0, both over the RS232 Port.

My Display is a HP A1096A (1280x1024) Monochrome. The Keyboard Type is
Model A1630-82004 R1 (apollo/Domain-Keyboard).

If you have any Idea what for Type of Keyboard i can use for NetBSD?
Newer HP's use a PC-Style Keyboard, can i use this? I'have no HP-HIL Keyboard.

The Mouse is from LOGITECH P7-3F-A0 and connectet to Domain-Keyboard.

In the HP-UX Kernel-Include i have found any uncommented Lines, the Domain-
Keyboard requires a Lib "libdkit.a" (or so), then DATAKIT/ppi-Kard...

Your have any Ideas?

Here dmesg Output from HP-UX:

----- cut here -----
May 14 14:58
Internal HIL at 0x428000
ITE + 3 port(s)
MC68030 processor
MC68882 coprocessor
HP98620C DMA
Internal RS-232C Serial Interface at select code 5
  With 8 byte rcv fifo.
Internal RS-232C Serial Interface at select code 6
  With 8 byte rcv fifo.
HP98644 Advanced RS-232C Serial Interface at select code 9
  With 16 byte rcv fifo, 16 byte xmit fifo, hardware handshake, and high speed clock.
Parallel Interface at select code 12
HP98265A (SCSI Interface) 5 MB/s; parity enabled at select code 14
HP98643 at select code 21
HPA1096A Monochrome Bit Mapped D at select code 133
SCSI Bus: hard reset (isc: 14)
real mem  = 16769024
using 268 buffers containing 1097728 bytes of memory
Root device major is 7, minor is 0xe0000, root site is 0
Battery-backed real-time clock
Swap device table:  (start & size given in 512-byte units)
  entry 0 - auto-configured on root device; start = 313344, size = 102528
Warning: unable to configure dump device...using primary swap instead.
core image of 4095 pages will be saved at block 191556 on device 0x70e0000
avail mem = 13398016
lockable mem = 13295616
----- cut here -----

Here dmesg Output from NetBSD:

----- cut here -----
NetBSD 1.0 (INSTALL) #0: Fri Nov 11 05:06:51 PST 1994
HP9000/345/375 (50MHz MC68030 CPU+MMU, 50MHz MC68882 FPU, 32K physical-address cache)
real mem = 16769024
avail mem = 12574720
using 409 buffers containing 1675264 bytes of memory
dma: 98620C with 2 channels, 32 bit DMA
dca0 at sc9, ipl 5, flags 0x1
scsi0: 32 bit dma, async, scsi id 7
scsi0 at sc14, ipl 4
sd0: CONNER CP3200-200mb-3.5 rev , 415872 512 byte blocks
sd0 at scsi0, slave 0
sd1: SEAGATE ST296N rev \^D\^P\^H, 165851 512 byte blocks
sd1 at scsi0, slave 2
le0: hardware address 08:00:09:10:36:b8
le0 at sc21, ipl 5
grf0: 1280 x 1024 monochrome hyperion display
grf0 at sc133
Changing root device to sd1a
----- cut here -----

Many thanks and Greetings


  Hergo Pape, Magdeburg       -  hergo@wegaop.Boerde.DE,