Subject: Re: kernel config
To: Set <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 09/27/1994 12:52:15
> Is there a canonical list of options for the kernel config file?
> I am trying to compile a kernel with HPIB support and seem to be
> meeting with limited success.  I have an HPIB tape drive as my only
> HPIB device (boot from a scsi disk).  
> I have rebuilt a kernel with what I thought were the correct options,
> but when I try, for example, tar cf /dev/ct0 /tmp/foo I get
> Device not configured.  
> I also am having trouble with rbootd -- it claims that the bpf is also
> not configured, although I have it listed as a pseudo device in my kernel
> config file.

The bpf problem I saw and fixed in my installation -- basically install the
new /dev/MAKEDEV script and recreate the device entries.  The major device
numbers in the distributed version of dev.tar.gz didn't correspond to what
was in the kernel...

The same problem may be hitting you with the HPIB tape.

> The tar file for usr.share.tar.gz from seems corrupt - I
> mangled together what I need from the source distribution, but was unable
> to find a non-corrupt version in the binaries tree on several other sites,
> either.  Is this known/cared about?

It's known.  I don't know whether anyone cares very much; after all it's a
beta (alpha?) snapshot and the 1.0 release is imminent (which it's been for
a while; I'm not complaining), and "most people" seem to have a i386
installation handy to grab the /usr/share tree from.

- Havard